Mobile body massage with Maria

Mobile body massage with Maria

My name is Maria, I am a Yoga instructor and a Massage Therapist. As a massage therapist I blend many different techniques with body/breath awareness , which enables me to adapt the treatment and make every massage a unique, blissful  moment for the receiver! I learned Swidish massage/cupping/Indian Head Massage/Hot Stones/ Cranio Sacral Therapy....

A massage treatment will help you relieve tensions in the body and relax your mind! Regular massage improves the elasticity of skin, brings muscles to relax, improves joint mobility,boosts your immunity and restores your overall well being, letting you feeling rejuvenated!
Weather you´ve been surfing, working hard,jogging, or simply need a time to enjoy pure relaxation,treat yourself with  a massage.


Massages menu/price list:

Swidish massage:
Relaxing/soothing or energizing  
After sports relieve / surfer`s special
Deep tissue release
Indian Head Massage
30min – 30€
45min  - 40€
60min – 50€
Appointment contacts:
+351 917009288 / +351 964526979